Nectar Village has appeared at Burning Man annually since 2008. It is a village that is dedicated to providing personally oriented services (gifts) to all of Black Rock City. Our leadership and member camps have a rich history of providing deeply interactive camps.


Our Mission

Nectar Village has a focus to be a top, daytime destination for relaxing and taking care of the body, mind and soul. The Steam Bath Project, Bumblepuss, Snow Koan Solar, Pongo, Lavender Lounge and Soup Camp are the 2017 camps in the village.  We have a long history in providing deeply interactive camps.  We offer service that resonates with people’s mind/body/soul out on the playa.

The Lavender Lounge is a 30' dome filled with custom lavender products: lavender lip balm, body butter, essential oil, scented misting and lavender themed hand tie-dyed tapestries make this a very relaxing chill space that runs all day and some nights.

Steam Bath Project has a Finnish Steam bath running almost 24/7. Bumblepuss is the organizing camp of Nectar Village and is providing many infrastructure related services, performance art and works with Soup Camp in bringing the installation art.  A lavender lounge offering lavender misting, tea, oils and other spa treatments is also provided. 

Snow Koan Solar offers snow cones made from renewable solar power and Japanese Koan poems and provides the renewable solar energy for the village.  

Pongo Camp offers 24x7 access to a 20x40' games pavilion including foosball, pool and many other fun games. It is a great place to stay cool in their shade while having some wholesome fun. Pongo also opens at night also – the Nectar Village after-party!

We also typically bring a relatively large piece of installation art, and will be doing so again this year.

Nectar Village has been my favorite destination to visit, unwind and relax from my vacation. Nights at Burning Man can be ... lively. But there is nothing like a steam, snow cone and a lavender rub to rejuvenate.
— Julius Atticus, Man Wearing Only Deer Antlers